Canon IXUS 300 HS User Guide

Changing the Metering Method

Changing the Metering Method


You can change the metering method (brightness measuring function) to 
match the shooting conditions.

Choose the Metering method.

After pressing the 

m button, press the 

op buttons or turn the – dial to choose 

, then press the 

m button.

Choose an option.

Press the 

op buttons or turn the – dial to 

choose an option, then press the 

m button.


The setting will appear on the screen.

The camera may not be able to focus in some conditions.

If a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the shutter speed and aperture 
value appear in orange. Release your finger from the shutter button, then 
press it again halfway.

In low light conditions, AF frames may not turn blue even after pressing 
the shutter button halfway. In this case, focus and exposure are locked.

The [AF-Point Zoom] option in the 

4 tab is not available in Servo AF mode.

Not available when using Self-Timer 

(pp. 68




Changing the Metering Method


Suitable for standard shooting conditions, including back lit shots. 
Automatically adjusts the exposure to match the shooting 

Weighted Avg.

Averages the light metered from the entire frame, but gives greater 
weight to the center.


Only meters within the 

 (Spot AE Point frame) that appears at 

the center of the screen.