Changing the Focus Range Macro Infinity


When it is difficult to focus because your shot contains subjects that are both 
near and far, you can change the focus range (the distance range from your 
subject) to focus more reliably.

Choose a Focus Range.

After pressing the 

q button, press the qr 

buttons or turn the 

– dial to choose the 

option, then press the 

m button.


The setting you chose will appear on the 

* When the zoom lever is moved toward 

j and held until the lens stops moving, which 

is the maximum wide angle setting of the lens.

Changing the Focus Range (Macro/Infinity)

Shooting Range



3 – 50 cm


(1.2 in. – 1.6 ft.)

Only focuses on close subjects.


More than 3 m (More than 9.8 ft.) Only focuses on far-away subjects.

The edges of the image may darken if the flash fires in macro shooting.

Try attaching the camera to a tripod and shooting in 

Î, to prevent the camera 

from moving and blurring the image 

(p. 79)


You can reduce the AF frame size when you want to focus on a specific portion 
of the subject 

(p. 85)


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