Using the Wink Self Timer


Point the camera at the subject and press the shutter button fully. The camera 
will shoot three times approximately two seconds after it detects a wink.

Choose .

Follow Steps 1 – 2 on 

p. 54

 to choose 

then press the 

n button for more than 

one second.

Press the 

qr buttons or turn the – dial to 


, then press the 

n button.

Compose the shot and press the 
shutter button halfway.

Confirm that a green frame appears around 
the face of the person who will wink.

Press the shutter button fully.


The camera will enter shooting stand-by, 
and [Wink to take picture] will appear on 
the screen.


The lamp will blink and the self-timer 
sound will play.

Face the camera and wink.


The shutter will release approximately 2 
seconds after a wink is detected from the 
person with a frame around the person’s 


The second and third shots will continue in 

To cancel the countdown, press the 

p button.

Using the Wink Self-Timer

Wink a bit slowly.

A wink may not be detected if eyes are covered by hair or a hat, or when wearing 

What if a wink is not detected?