Canon IXUS 300 HS User Guide

Magnifying Images, Changing Image Transitions


Move the zoom lever toward 


The display will zoom in on the image and, 
if you continue to hold the zoom lever, it 
will continue to zoom in up to a maximum 
factor of 10x.

If you press the 

opqr buttons, you can 

move the location of the displayed area.

Move the zoom lever toward 

g to zoom 

out, or continue to hold it to return to Single 
Image Playback.

If you turn the 

– dial, you can switch 

images in the zoomed state.

You can choose from three transition effects when switching between images 
in Single Image Playback.

Choose [Transition].

Press the 

n button and choose the 

1 tab, then choose [Transition] and press 

qr buttons to choose a transition 


Magnifying Images

Approximate Location 
of Displayed Area

Pressing the 

n button while magnifying images restores Single 

Image Playback.

Changing Image Transitions