Canon IXUS 300 HS User Guide

Viewing Images in Filtered Playback

Viewing Images in Filtered Playback


Searching Images Using the Control Dial

Turn the control dial to quickly search images. You can also jump by the 
shooting date (Scroll Display).

Choose an image.

If you set single image playback and turn 

– dial quickly, the images will display 

as shown on the left.

Pressing the 

m button restores single 

image playback.

While in Scroll Display, if you press the 
op buttons, you can search images by 
the shooting date.

When there are many images on the memory card, you can filter and display 
them by a specified filter. You can also protect 

(p. 118)

 or delete 

(p. 121)


filtered images at once.



Press the 

m button to choose ‚ in the 

ø menu, then press the m button 

Choose a filter.

Press the 

op buttons or turn the – dial 

to choose a filter, then press the 


To turn off this effect, press the 

n button, then choose [Scroll Display] 

in the 

1 tab and choose [Off].

Viewing Images in Filtered Playback