Easy WebPrint EX Does Not Start or Easy WebPrint EX Menu Does Not Appear Windows

Easy-WebPrint EX Does Not Start or Easy-WebPrint EX Menu Does
Not Appear (Windows)

If Easy-WebPrint EX does not start or its menu does not appear on Internet Explorer, check the following.


 Is Canon Easy-WebPrint EX displayed on Toolbars menu in Internet

Explorer's View menu?

If Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is not displayed, Easy-WebPrint EX is not installed on your computer. Install the
latest version of Easy-WebPrint EX from the Canon website.


• If Easy-WebPrint EX is not installed, a message asking you to install it may appear in the notification area

on the desktop. Click the message and follow the instructions to install Easy-WebPrint EX.

• Internet access is required to install or download Easy-WebPrint EX.


 Is Canon Easy-WebPrint EX selected on Toolbars menu in Internet Explorer's

View menu?

If Canon Easy-WebPrint EX is not selected, Easy-WebPrint EX is disabled. Select Canon Easy-WebPrint EX
to enable it.