Using PIXMA MAXIFY Cloud Link

Using PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link

By using PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link, you can connect your printer to a cloud service, such as CANON
iMAGE GATEWAY, Evernote, or Twitter, and use the following functions without using a computer:

• Print images from a photo-sharing service
• Print documents from a data management service
• Save scanned images to a data management service.
• Use Twitter to report the printer status, such as no paper or low ink levels.

In addition, you can use various functions by adding and registering apps that are linked with various cloud

Using PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link from Your Printer

Using PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link from Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer


• In certain countries, PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link may not be available or the available apps may be


• Some apps require that you have an account before you use those apps. For such apps, please set up

an account beforehand.

• To find out which models support PIXMA/MAXIFY Cloud Link check the Canon homepage.
• The screen display may change without prior notice.