Sending Print Data without Going through Internet

When the preparation for printing with Google Cloud Print is complete, the printer receives the print
data and prints it automatically.

When you want to print from Google Cloud Print immediately

When the printer cannot receive the print data, or you want to start printing immediately, you can check
whether there is a print job on the Google Cloud Print and start printing manually.

Follow the steps below.


Make sure printer is turned on.

2. Press Setup button.

The Setup menu screen is displayed.

3. Select Web service inquiry and press OK button.


• If you have not registered the printer with Google Cloud Print, Web service inquiry is not


4. Select GoogleCloudPrint and press OK button.

The confirmation screen to check is displayed.

5. Press OK button.

If there is the print data, the printer receives the print data and prints it.

Sending Print Data without Going through Internet

This section describes the operation to send print data from Google Chrome browser on the computer.
The operation differs depending on the device, applications, or services.


• Local network connection with the printer or enabling printer's direct connection is required.

• Enabling Bonjour on the printer is required.


Make sure printer is turned on.


• If the printer's Auto Power On function is enabled, the printer is turned on automatically when it

receives the print data.

2. Start Google Chrome browser on your computer.