Quality Media

Quality & Media

This dialog allows you to create a basic print setup in accordance with the paper type. Unless special
printing is required, normal printing can be performed just by setting the items in this dialog.

Media Type

Select the type of media to be used.
You must select the type of media actually loaded in the printer. This selection enables the printer to
carry out printing properly for the material of the media used.

Paper Source

Select the source from which paper is supplied.
Cassette (Auto Select)

Based on the paper settings on the print dialog and the cassette paper information registered on
the printer, the printer automatically determines which cassette to use and feeds paper from that

Cassette 1

Paper is fed from the cassette 1.

Cassette 2

Paper is fed from the cassette 2.

Print Quality

Select the one that is closest to the original document type and the purpose.
When one of the radio buttons is selected, the appropriate quality will be set automatically.

Gives priority to print quality over printing speed.


Prints with average speed and quality.

Grayscale Printing

Set grayscale printing. Grayscale printing refers to the function of converting your document to
grayscale data in the printer to print it in monochrome.