Using Card Slot over Network

Using Card Slot over Network


• This function is not available depending on the printer you are using. To confirm whether this function is

available with your printer, refer to List of Function for Each Model.

Mounting Card Slot as Network Drive
Restrictions on Card Slot Use over Network

Mounting Card Slot as Network Drive

The card slot must be mounted to use it over a network.

To mount the card slot as the network drive, follow the procedure below.

1. Insert memory card into card slot.

2. Check current printer name.

You can check the current printer name on the LCD of the printer.

3. On Finder, click Go menu and Connect to Server.

4. Input "smb://xxxxxxxxxxxx/canon_memory/" and click Connect.

For example, if the current printer name is "123ABC000000", then input "smb://123ABC000000/

5. Make sure card slot is mounted.

When the card slot is mounted, the following icon appears on the desktop or in the Computer window
on the Go menu of Finder.


• The authentication screen may appear. If it appears, you do not need to input the password.
• If you cannot mount the card slot with the method above, input the IP address of the printer

instead of the current printer name, and try again. For example, "smb://
canon_memory/". If you mount the card slot with the IP address, you have to remount it
whenever the printer's IP address changes.