Operation Panel

Operation Panel

* Here, all operation panel indicators are shown lit for the purpose of illustration.

(1) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Displays messages, menu items, and operating status.

(2) ON button

Turns the printer on or off.

Turning the Printer On and Off

(3) POWER lamp

Remains lit after flashing when the printer is turned on.

(4) Stop button

Cancels print jobs in progress.

(5) Alarm lamp

Lights up or flashes in case of errors.

(6) OK button

Confirms your selection of menu or setting items. Also used to resolve errors.




Used to select menu or setting items.

LCD and Operation Panel

(8) Back button

Returns to the previous screen.

(9) Setup button

Displays the Setup menu screen. From this menu, you can perform printer maintenance and adjust
printer settings.