Canon LEGRIA HV40 Instruction Manual

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Do’s and Don’ts 

Cleaning the Video Heads

  In the following cases the video heads 
are dirty and need to be cleaned.
- The message “HEADS DIRTY, USE 
- During playback you notice frequent 
video problems (blocky video artifacts, 
banding, etc.).
- When playing back a tape recorded in 
HDV standard the playback is jerky or the 
sound stutters on and off.
To maintain the best picture quality, we 
recommend using cassettes designed for 
high definition recording (Canon Digital 
Videocassette HDVM-E63PR, etc.) and 
cleaning the video heads frequently with 
the Canon DVM-CL Digital Video Head 
Cleaning Cassette or a commercially 
available dry cleaning cassette.
  Do not use wet type cleaning cassettes 
as this may damage the camcorder.
  Even after cleaning the video heads 
you may not be able to play back 
correctly tapes that were recorded with 
dirty video heads.

Cleaning the Camcorder

Camcorder Body

  Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the 
camcorder body. Never use chemically 
treated cloth or volatile solvents such as 
paint thinner.

Lens and View finder

  If the lens surface is dirty, the autofocus 
may not work properly.
  Remove any dust or dirt particles using 
a non-aerosol type blower brush.

  Use a clean, soft lens-cleaning cloth to 
gently wipe the lens or viewfinder. Never 
use tissue paper.

LCD Screen and I.AF sensor

  Clean the LCD screen and the I.AF 
sensor using a clean, soft lens-cleaning 
  Condensation may form on the surface 
of the screen when the temperature 
changes suddenly. Wipe it with a soft dry 


  If you do not intend to use the 
camcorder for a long time, store it in a 
place free of dust, in low humidity, and at 
temperatures not higher than 30



Moving the camcorder rapidly between 
hot and cold temperatures may cause 
condensation (water droplets) to form on 
its internal surfaces. Stop using the 
camcorder if condensation is detected. 
Continued use may damage the 

Condensation may form in the follow ing 

When the camcorder is moved from an 
air-conditioned room to a warm, humid