Joystick and Joystick Guide, Using the Menus





Joystick and Joystick Guide

Use the joystick to operate the camcorder's menus.

If the joystick guide does not appear on the screen, press 

 or push 

the joystick (

) to display it. The functions that appear depend 

on the operating mode. 


 mode: Select (

) a function and press 


change the setting. With some functions, you will need to make 
further adjustments (


 mode: First, select (

) a “row” of functions; then, press 


operate the function in the middle or push the joystick (  or  ) to 
operate the function on the left or right, respectively.

The joystick guide will minimize after 2 seconds. When the joystick 
guide is minimized, you can still adjust or turn on/off the selected func-
tion; you can also maximize ( ) the joystick guide to select another 
function or hide ( ) it altogether.

Using the Menus

Many of the camcorder’s functions can 
be adjusted from the menus that open 
after pressing 

. In 


menus cannot be accessed and, except 
for a few exceptions, most menu set-
tings will return to their default values.
For details about the available menu 
options and settings, refer to the appendix Menu Options Lists 


Press the joystick itself (

) to save 

the settings or confirm an action. On 
menu screens, this is indicated by the 
icon .

Push the joystick up, down, left or right 

) to select an item or 

change settings.