Handling Precautions

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Do’s and Don’ts

Handling Precautions


Be sure to observe the following precautions to ensure maximum per-
• Save your recordings periodically. Make sure to transfer your record-

ings to an external device such as a computer or digital video recorder 

125) and save them on a regular basis. This will protect your impor-

tant recordings in case of damage and create more free space on the 
memory. Canon shall not be liable for any data loss. 

• Do not carry the camcorder by the LCD panel. Be careful when closing 

the LCD panel. When using the wrist strap, do not allow the camcorder 
to swing and hit an object.

• Do not leave the camcorder in places subject to high temperatures (like 

the inside of a car parked under direct sunlight), or high humidity.

• Do not use the camcorder near strong electromagnetic fields such as 

above TVs, near plasma TVs or mobile phones.

• Do not point the lens at strong light sources. Do not leave the cam-

corder pointed at a bright subject.

• Do not use or store the camcorder in dusty or sandy places. The cam-

corder is not waterproof – avoid also water, mud or salt. If any of the 
above should get into the camcorder it may damage the camcorder 
and/or the lens.

• Be careful of heat generated by lighting equipment.
• Do not disassemble the camcorder. If the camcorder does not function 

properly, consult qualified service personnel.

• Handle the camcorder with care. Do not subject the camcorder to 

shocks or vibration as this may cause damage.

• When mounting the camcorder on a 

tripod, make sure that the tripod's fas-
tening screw is shorter than 5.5 mm 
(0.2 in.). Using other tripods may dam-
age the camcorder.

5.5 mm