Additional Information, Picture and Sound




Additional Information

The red ON/OFF (CHG) indicator flashes rapidly (

 one flash at 0.5-second 


- The temperature of the battery pack is outside its operating range (approximately 0 – 40 °C). 

Remove the battery pack, warm it or let it cool down, as necessary, and try charging it again.

- Charge the battery pack in temperatures between approximately 0 °C and 40 °C.
- The battery pack is damaged. Use a different battery pack.
- Charging has stopped because the compact power adapter or the battery pack is faulty. Con-

sult a Canon Service Center.

‹ appears on the screen

- The LOCK switch on the Eye-Fi card is set to prevent accidental erasure. Change the position 

of the LOCK switch.

- An error occurred when trying to access control data on the Eye-Fi card. Turn the camcorder 

off then on again. If the icon appears often, there might be a problem with the Eye-Fi card. 
Contact the card manufacturer’s customer care.

Picture and Sound

The screen appears too dark.

- The LCD screen was dimmed. Change the 


 [LCD Backlight] setting to [Normal] or 


Screen displays turn on and off repeatedly.

- The battery pack is exhausted. Replace or charge the battery pack.
- Remove the battery pack and reattach it correctly.

Abnormal characters appear on the screen and the camcorder does not operate properly.

- Disconnect the power source and reconnect it after a short time. If the problem still persists, 

remove the battery pack and disconnect all other power sources from the camcorder. Then,  
reset all the camcorder’s settings to default values (

A 178).

Video noise appears on screen.

- Keep a distance between the camcorder and devices that emit strong electromagnetic fields 

(plasma TVs, cellular phones, etc.). 

Horizontal bands appear on the screen.

- This is a phenomenon typical of CMOS image sensors when recording under some types of 

fluorescent, mercury or sodium lamps. This is not a malfunction. To reduce the symptoms, 
change the 



 [Flicker Reduction] setting.

Sound is distorted or is recorded at lower levels.

- When recording near loud sounds (such as fireworks, shows or concerts), sound may become 

distorted or it may not be recorded at the actual levels. Activate the microphone attenuator 

A 171) or adjust the audio recording level manually (A 109).