Face AiAF


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Still Images


Face AiAF

Detects people’s faces, and then sets the focus, exposure 
(evaluative metering only), and white balance ([

] only).

After you aim the camera at the subject, a white frame is 
displayed around the person’s face determined by the camera 
to be the main subject, and up to two gray frames are displayed 
around other detected faces.

When the camera detects movement, frames will follow moving 
subjects, within a certain range.

After you press the shutter button halfway, up to nine green 
frames are displayed around faces in focus.

If faces are not detected, or when only gray frames are 
displayed (without a white frame), up to nine green frames 
are displayed in the areas in focus when you press the 
shutter button halfway.

If faces are not detected when Servo AF (




) is set to 

[On], the AF frame is displayed in the center of the screen 
when you press the shutter button halfway.

Examples of faces that cannot be detected:

Subjects that are distant or extremely close

Subjects that are dark or light

Faces in profile, at an angle, or partly hidden

The camera may misinterpret non-human subjects as 

No AF frames are displayed if the camera cannot focus 
when you press the shutter button halfway.