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Turn the camera off in places where camera use is 

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the camera may interfere 
with the operation of electronic instruments and other devices. 
Exercise adequate caution when using the product in places 
where use of electronic devices is restricted, such as inside 
airplanes and medical facilities.


Denotes the possibility of injury.

When carrying the product by the strap, be careful not to 
bang it, subject it to strong impacts or shocks, or let it get 
caught on other objects.

Be careful not to bump or push strongly on the lens.

This could lead to injury or damage the camera.

Be careful not to subject the screen to strong impacts.

If the screen cracks, injury may result from the broken fragments.

When using the flash, be careful not to cover it with your

fingers or clothing.

This could result in burns or damage to the flash.

Avoid using, placing, or storing the product in the following 

Places subject to direct sunlight

Places subject to temperatures above 40 °C (104 °F)

Humid or dusty places

These could cause leakage, overheating, or an explosion of the 

battery pack/batteries, resulting in electrical shock, fire, burns, or 
other injuries.

Overheating and damage may result in electrical shock, fire, 
burns, or other injuries.