URP 0LFURVRIW LQGRZV From the Microsoft Windows 95 Printer folder

From the Microsoft Windows 95 Printer folder: 

1. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Printers. 
2. Click the icon for the printer you are using. 
3. On the File menu, click Properties to open the Properties dialog box. 

Use the Control Panel or Print Manager: 

1. Open the Control Panel, then double-click on the Printers icon to open the 

Printers dialog box. Or open the Print Manager, then choose the Printer 
Setup... command from the Options menu to open the Printers dialog box.

You can open the Control Panel or the Print Manager by doubleclicking on the 
Control Panel or Print Manager icons in the Main group of the Program 

2. In the Printers dialog boxes, make sure BJC-620 on LPTl is highlighted and 

then choose the Setup... button to open the Setup dialog box. 

You can open the Printer Setup dialog box, Print Manager, or Printers folder from 
the Microsoft Windows Printing System group.

The way you get to the dialog boxes determines how long the printing options remain 
in effect: 


If you start from an application's Print... command, your choices apply only to 
that print job. The next time you print, you have to choose the print settings 


If you start from an application's Print Setup... command, the application stores 
your choices with the document. 


If you start from the Control Panel or Print Manager, the settings apply to all 
Microsoft Windows applications and remain in effect until you change those 


Chapter 2