Technical Notes, Toshiba Laptop

Technical Notes

Compaq Presario 7170/7180

A [k prints at the top of the page when printing from Windows 95 on a Compaq Presario 

Configuration of parallel port in CMOS

Change CMOS on Compaq Presario 7170/7180 to enable bi-directional capability

Reboot computer, press "delete" to go into CMOS setup
At setup menu, cursor to "Advanced System Setup" and "Enter" to select
From Advanced System Setup menu, select "Integrated Peripherals"
From the Integrated Peripherals Menu, Cursor to 'LPT Extended Mode" (Note: This 
is different than LPT1 mode)
The LPT Extended Mode will probably show "Standard"- USe the "Page Down" 
key to cycle to "ECP Mode"
Press "ESC" key to back to Advanced SYStem Setup Menu
Press "ESC" key to go back to main setup menu
Press "F10" to save new configuration, and confirm save by answering "Yes" to 
final question

Toshiba Laptop

A[K prints at the top of the page and/or partial printout when printing on a Toshiba 

Configuration of parallel port in CMOS and LPT.VXD file.

Case #1 Partial printout may occur with the following settings: 
CMOS value for LPT1 is ECP LPT.VXD v4.00.950 file size 35,479

Case #2 [K is printed at top and the rest of the page is correct with the following settings:
CMOS value for LPT1 is Standard Bi-Directional LPT.VXD v4.00.950 file size 35,487.