General Problems

General Problems

The most basic problems you may encounter are "the printer does not print" and " your 
print quality is not satisfactory"

If the printer does not print

Check all your cable connections
Check your printer driver setup
Check your computer configuration
Check your BJ cartridge

If your print quality is not satisfactory

Check your printer driver settings
Clean the print head
Clean the print head five times
Replace the BJ cartridge
Check the type of paper you are using

If colors are missing

Perform a Nozzle Test (see page 4-5)
Clean the print head (see page 4-6)
If necessary, replace the BJ cartridge (see page 4-10)

If you want to print from an MS-DOS application that does not have a 
selection for your printer

Select the Epson LQ-2550 or the IBM Proprinter X24E