Due to today's rapidly changing personal computer environment, we have placed 
troubleshooting information in a variety of places to ensure that the most accurate 
information possible is available. The best place to find current information is through our 
on-line support services and through our Fax Retrieval System. On-line services include 
the World Wide Web and our BBS.

This chapter contains very basic information to help you solve printer problems. It covers a 
few basic problems and describes how to clear a paper jam. For complete problem solving 
information, be sure to use our other support services.

See Getting Help From Canon in Chapter 1 (page 1-5) for details on Canon's customer 
technical support options.

Identifying Your Printer Problem

Before contacting Canon, identify your printer problem and make sure you have the 
following information.

Product Name
Serial Number
Place of Purchase
Nature of Problem
Steps you have taken to solve the problem and the results

The serial number is located on the label on the back of the printer:

Attempting to repair the printer yourself may void the limited warranty as to that 
repair. See the limited warranty information that came with your printer for details.