Cleaning the Printer

Cleaning the Printer

Your Printer requires little routine maintenance. Perform the following maintenance, as 
necessary, to keep your printer in good operating condition.

Make sure the printer is turned off before cleaning it. It is a good idea to unplug 
the AC adapter also.
Do not clean the exterior of the printer with volatile liquids such as thinners, 
benzine, or any spray-type or chemical cleaners; doing so will damage the surface 
of the printer.
When cleaning the printer, avoid the area near the print head on the BJ cartridge. 
Do not touch the print head. Ink may leak out and cause stains.

Clean the printer regularly to avoid printing problems. Remove any ink mist or paper 
debris from the interior of the printer using a soft cloth moistened with water. Clean 
especially well around the platen area. If the rollers become dirty, you can clean them 
using a small soft brush.

Clean the exterior of the printer with a soft cloth moistened with water. Clean away 
smudges and dust.

Do not use paper products (such as paper towels or tissues) to clean the inside of the