Use Canon's popular T-Shirt Transfers TR-101 to create and personalize T-shirts, 
sweatshirts, aprons, tablecloths, napkins, tote bags, and anything else your imagination 
allows! Use on any cotton or cotton/ poly blend fabric. Your image is printed in mirror 
image (when you use T-Shirt Transfer mode through the BJC-250 Printer Driver for 
Windows) so when you iron it onto the t-shirt the image is viewed correctly.

Greeting Cards
Get the most out of your Canon Creative or other card making software with Canon 
Greeting Cards GC-101. These cards give your unique, personalized cards the look and 
feel of professional cards. You can create cards, invitations, announcements, and more.

Bubble Jet Paper (water resistant)
The Canon Bubble Jet Paper LC-301 has been developed for high quality printing with 
minimal or no smearing or running when in contact with water or damp surfaces, making a 
good choice for damp or rainy environments. The paper is specially created and printable 
on both sides. (In your printer driver, select Plain Paper when you load this paper.)

Fabric Sheets
Use Fabric Sheets FS-101 for Canon Bubble Jet printers to print banners, pillow covers, 
scarves, flags, and other textile items. Use these sheets for appliqu├ęs and other craft and 
sewing projects. Fabric sheets are 9.5" x 14".

CF-102 Transparencies from Canon are recommended. These transparencies produce 
excellent contrast, sharpness, and color.

Back Print Film
Canon Back Print Film BF-102 has been specially developed for Canon Color Bubble Jet 
printers. The film is designed to deliver brilliant, high-intensity color images suitable for 
business presentations, design work, or professional reports. Back Print Film is printed on 
the back (non-glossy) side of the film in mirror image and then viewed from the front or 
glossy side using a backlighting device. For more details, ask a Canon Authorized Dealer 
for information or refer to the manual supplied with the film.

High Gloss Film
The Canon High Gloss Film HG-101 features a bright white finish that lends striking 
visual power to charts, graphs, and photographic images. Use this film to make your 
presentation materials and graphics look professional.

If you are printing in an application outside Windows, your software application or printer 
driver must support mirror image printing in order to use Back Print Film or T-Shirt