Replacing an Ink Tank


Maintaining the Printer

Chapter 6

Replacing an Ink Tank

If you perform a print operation correctly but the output is blank, the ink
tank may be out of ink. Perform the print head cleaning two or three times.
If the output is still blank, replace the empty ink tank in the BJ cartridge.

Leave the BJ cartridge in the printer when replacing the ink tank.


Make sure the paper support is open and the power is on.


Press and hold the 


button until the 


light starts to


The cartridge holder moves to the center of the printer.


Open the front cover.


Remove the empty ink tank.

Press in on the tab on the left of the ink tank to release it.

Then lift the ink tank up and out of the BJ cartridge.

Dispose of the ink tank properly. You may want to place it in a
plastic bag to keep from spilling any residual ink.