Using Ink

Chapter 6

Maintaining the Printer


Using Ink 

The print head is the device that projects the ink onto the paper. During a
print operation, the printer heats the ink to boiling point in the nozzle to
form a bubble. The bubble expands until there is no room left in the nozzle
for the ink. The printer then ejects the ink onto the paper through the
nozzles on the print head.

Ink formulation is the most critical component of a Bubble Jet printer. The
ink you use must meet these guidelines:

It must be able to be heated and cooled over 6,000 times per second
without clogging. 

It must dry very quickly without bleeding. 

It must work with different media and software. 

It must be environmentally friendly. 

Canon has more engineers dedicated to providing the best results for
output on Bubble Jet printers than any other organization. Canon does not
dissuade you from using ink made by third-party suppliers. However, we
specifically design and warranty our products for our inks only.  

Canon cannot guarantee the quality or performance of your printer when
you are using inks from other suppliers. In addition, if a problem emerges
as a result of using ink from a supplier other than Canon, your warranty
will be invalid. 

For optimum printing results, use only Canon BC-10 Black BJ cartridges.
When replacing ink tanks, use only the BCI-10 Black ink tank in the BC-10
Black BJ cartridge.

Maintaining the