Ink Tank Capacity


Maintaining the Printer

Chapter 6

To avoid spilling ink, follow these precautions:

Do not attempt to disassemble or refill an ink tank.

Do not unpack a BJ cartridge or an ink tank until you are ready to
install it. 

Do not remove a BJ cartridge or an ink tank unless you need to 
replace it.

Do not vigorously shake the BJ cartridge or an ink tank while 
handling it. 

Do not stick anything into the opening on an ink tank.


If spilled, the ink is very difficult to clean. Therefore, always follow these
precautions and carefully handle the ink cartridges.

Ink Tank Capacity

The BC-10 Black BJ cartridge contains the BCI-10 Black ink tank. The ink
tank can print about 170 pages at 5% coverage.

The actual amount of ink that is used will vary depending on the print
density of a page. If you often print heavy ink density graphics, you will
need to change cartridges more frequently.

Ink tanks continually run out of ink

If your ink tanks seem to run out of ink before you think they should, make
sure you are following these guidelines:

Make sure you turn off the printer only when the cartridge holder is 
in the home position. When in the home position, the BJ cartridge is
capped; this protects the print head nozzles and ink tank from damage
or drying out.

Only transport the printer when the BJ cartridge is in the home

Never unplug the printer or turn off a power strip to which the printer
is attached when the printer’s power is turned on.

Try not to clean the print head unit unnecessarily. The print head
cleaning procedure consumes a small amount of ink.