Cleaning the Print Head

Chapter 6

Maintaining the Printer


Cleaning the Print Head

The print head contains nozzles through which ink is propelled onto the
paper. The print head nozzles must be free from paper particles and dust in
order to maintain a high level of print quality.

The printer has an automatic cleaning function that clears away paper
particles and dust. The printer initiates this automatic cleaning function
when you turn it on after it has been turned off for a certain period of time. 

You need to activate the print head cleaning procedure whenever your
print quality is poor. There are two types of print head cleaning:

Quick cleaning to improve print quality. This cleaning takes about
30 seconds.

Extensive cleaning for severe print quality problems. This procedure
takes about one minute, and uses more ink than quick cleaning.
Therefore, use this procedure only when the quick cleaning procedure
does not improve your print quality.

Starting Print Head Cleaning

To start print head cleaning, follow these steps:


Make sure the printer is turned on and on-line. 


To start the quick cleaning procedure:

Press and hold the 


button for approximately one

second, until the printer beeps.


To start the extensive cleaning procedure:

Press and hold the 


button for about six seconds. The

printer beeps followed by a second beep several seconds later.

While the print head is being cleaned, the 


light will blink.

After cleaning, you can print the nozzle check pattern to check the print
head nozzles. See Printing the Test Patterns on page 41 for details.

Maintaining the