Maintaining the Printer


Maintaining the Printer

Chapter 6

Do not touch the print head nozzles on the print head unit. Ink may
leak out and cause stains. Also, you may permanently damage your
print head unit, which would require you to purchase a replacement.

Canon makes numerous BJ cartridges and ink tanks; the BC-10 is
designed specifically for the BJ-30. Therefore, use only the BC-10
cartridge with this printer. Use only the BCI-10 ink tank with the BC-10
BJ cartridge.

Never touch the print head on the BJ cartridge or attempt to clean it
with a cloth.

For best printing quality, use a bond paper with a cotton fiber content
(for example, 25% cotton bond paper).

Use only the AC adapter that comes with the printer.

Always turn off the printer before unplugging the AC adapter—this
allows the print head to return to the home position and prevents it
from drying out.

Keep the inside of the printer clean and dust free; use canned air 
to clean the inside of the printer.

Perform the print head cleaning procedure if your output is not crisp
and clear.

Keep the BJ cartridges and ink tanks out of the reach of children. (The
ink is nontoxic).