Using the Low Ink Warning Function

Chapter 5

Using the Operator Panel



When printing from an MS-DOS software application, the font selected
from the software application normally overrides the font selected using
the operator panel. You can ensure that the font selected from the operator
panel overrides the MS-DOS application by enabling the Font typeface lock
feature through the FUNCTION settings. See Chapter 8, Customizing the
Printer, for more details.

Using the Low Ink Warning Function

Your printer includes a Low ink warning function that you can enable
using the FUNCTION settings described in Chapter 8, Customizing the
Printer. When you enable the Low ink warning function, which is
FUNCTION 1A, you must set the printer’s ink gauge.

You set the printer’s ink gauge whenever you install a new BJ cartridge or a
new ink tank. 


The Low ink warning function does not work with the cartridge you
installed when you first set up the printer. You can start this function only
after installing your first new ink tank.

When you install a new BC-10 Black BJ cartridge or a new BCI-10 Black ink
tank, follow these steps:


Make sure the cartridge holder is still in the center position.


Press the 



This tells the printer that a new black ink tank is installed and
resets the black ink gauge.

Using the

Operator Panel