Selecting Printing Options

Chapter 4

Using the Printer With Your Software


Selecting Printing Options 

This section describes the printing options available to you through the 
BJ-30 printer driver.


If other options appear in the dialog box, they are provided by the
application you are using. Refer to that application’s documentation for
more information. 

Paper Size option

Click on the arrow next to the Paper Size setting to select one of the
following paper sizes from the drop-down list:


When printing on envelopes or thick paper, make sure the paper selection
lever is set to the front position and the paper thickness lever (inside the
printer) is up.

If you select User Defined Size, the Setup program displays the following
dialog box:  

Select the unit of measure you are using (inches or millimeters), and then
specify the width and length of your paper. The width can be from 4.1 to
8.5 inches (104.1 x 215.9 mm). The length can be from 4.1 to 14 inches
(104.1 x 355.6 mm). 

Using the Printer

With Software