Auto Feed Guidelines

Chapter 3

Using the Printer


Auto Feed Guidelines

When automatically feeding stacks of paper, follow these guidelines:

Do not open the front cover while printing.

Do not leave paper stacked in the printer for long periods of time;
longer sheets of paper may become bent or curled over time. This may
cause the paper to misfeed or jam.

If your printed page contains lots of graphics, the ink on the page may
be damp due to the print density. Remove the page right away and
allow the ink to dry.

To reduce paper jams, remove each sheet as it is printed.

The platen (the black flat plate inside the printer) may become inked if
you print data beyond the width of the page. If this happens, clean the
platen. (For details on cleaning the platen, see Chapter 6, Maintaining
the Printer). 

Do not try to load paper into the sheet feeder beyond the capacity of the
paper guide; stacking too much paper may cause paper jams or
printing problems.

Make sure there are no gaps between the stack of paper and the paper
guide nor the right edge of the sheet feeder.

Let printed sheets of transparency or back print film dry completely
before storing them. The complete drying time required for Canon’s
transparencies or back print film is approximately 15 minutes.

When a sheet of film has dried completely, cover its printed side with a
sheet of plain (not coated) paper before storing it; this is recommended
even if you place the sheets of film in a clear file.

Using the Printer