Loading Paper


Using the Printer

Chapter 3

Loading Paper

You can stack paper in the sheet feeder to load it automatically, or you can
manually feed one sheet at a time. The path that the paper travels through
the printer is the same for automatic and manual feeding.

You can place approximately 30 sheets of plain paper (20 lb or 75 g/m


) in

the sheet feeder at a time. 

You can stack approximately 10 sheets of transparencies or back print film
in the sheet feeder; these are special papers that you may want to use for
certain presentations. However, these special media may not advance
correctly under unusual environmental conditions (such as extreme
temperatures and humidity). If you have trouble with special papers
becoming skewed or feeding multiple sheets, do not stack them in the sheet
feeder. Load them one sheet at a time.


Place at least one sheet of plain paper in back of a stack of transparencies or
back print film.

To automatically feed paper, follow these steps:


Make sure the paper support is open.

The paper support helps keep paper straight and limits the
possibility of jams.