Installing a Printer Driver


Setting Up the Printer

Chapter 2

Installing a Printer Driver

Before you can print documents from your software applications, you must
install the appropriate printer driver on your computer. The printer driver
takes the information from your application program and translates it into
a language the printer can understand.

If you are using Microsoft Windows 3.1 applications, install the BJ-30 printer
driver for Windows, as described in the next section.

If you are using MS-DOS applications, you must install a printer driver for
each MS-DOS software application that you intend to use with the printer.
See Chapter 4, Using the Printer With Your Software, for details.

Installing the Windows Printer Driver

Before installing the Canon Windows driver, make sure your computer
system has the following minimum configuration:

386 personal computer

4 MB random access memory (RAM)

2.4 MB of available disk space

256-color, VGA color graphics monitor with a minimum resolution of
640 x 480 dots per inch (dpi)

MS-DOS 5.0 or later

Windows 3.1

Follow these steps to install the Canon BJ-30 printer driver for 
Windows 3.1:


Turn on your computer.


Make a backup copy of the Windows Driver diskette.


If you are not already in the Windows environment, type