Chapter 9, Installing and Using the Battery Pack

Chapter 9

Installing and Using the Battery Pack



the Battery Pack

Chapter 9

Installing and Using the Battery Pack

This chapter describes how to install and use the battery pack that comes
with the Canon Portable Kit NK-300. You can purchase the Portable Kit as
an option for your BJ-30 Bubble Jet Printer. You can also purchase
additional battery packs (NiMH Battery Pack NB-300) to use with the
Portable Kit.

The Portable Kit, which allows you to operate the printer where AC power
is not available, includes the following:

Follow these guidelines to avoid damage to your printer or battery pack,
and harm to you or others:

Before using a new battery pack, charge it as described later in this

Use only the Canon NB-300 rechargeable battery pack with the BJ-30.

Do not attempt to disassemble a battery pack or the battery case.

Follow local regulations when disposing of a used battery pack.

Do not dispose of a battery pack where it may come in contact with fire.

Keep foreign objects out of the battery compartment.

Do not allow metal objects to touch the power connector on the battery
case or the terminals on the battery pack.

Make sure the paper support is closed when you are not using the
printer. This turns off the battery switch.

Recharge the battery pack only when it is fully discharged. Charging it
before it is fully discharged reduces the battery capacity.

Remove the battery pack when you are storing the printer.