Portable Kit Battery Pack and Universal Adapter, Related Publication



Chapter 1

Canon Back Print Film BF-102
This unique glossy paper allows you to print extremely high quality color
output, such as required for photographic images and graphics. The back
print film is capable of being viewed by rear illumination, such as a light
box, or as regular prints without the benefit of a light box. Back print film is
a mylar-based translucent sheet. When viewed by a light box, back print
film provides a sharp, bright, and vivid presentation of special items, such
as photographs, portraits, and graphics. It is also great for trade show
displays and other special presentations when rear-illuminated. Letter size
is available.

Portable Kit, Battery Pack, and Universal Adapter

To enhance the printer’s portability, Canon offers the following items for
supplying power to your printer. 

Portable Kit NK-300

The portable kit includes one NiMH battery pack NB-300 and an attachment
unit, which allow you to operate the printer when AC power is not
available. When attached to the printer, this nickel-metal hydride battery
pack charges when the printer is not operating. The battery pack fully
charges in about eight hours. When fully charged, it enables you to
continuously print about 200 pages.

NiMH Battery Pack NB-300

You can purchase additional battery packs to use with the Canon Portable 
Kit NK-300.

Universal Adapter AD-350U

The Universal Adapter supplies power to the printer from any power source
with an appropriate power cord. With the Universal Adapter, you can use
the BJ-30 in various countries where AC power differs from the U.S.

Related Publication

Programmer’s Manual
The information in the BJ-30 Programmer’s Manual is intended for the
software designer, the advanced programmer, and the operator who can use
a programming language to send commands to the printer. This manual
explains the printer commands for Canon BJ mode and Epson LQ mode.

To obtain this manual, call Canon Accessories at 1-800-671-1090.