Windows Problems



Chapter 7

Windows Problems

The following table contains problems and solutions related to using your
printer with Windows applications.




Printer does not print 

Cable connections may 

Check that the cable and 

or prints garbage

not be secure.

power cord connections are

Printer may not be turned on. Turn on the printer.

Printer driver may not be 

Make sure the printer driver 

set up.

is properly installed and set
up. See Chapter 4, Using the
Printer With Your Software, for

Print Manager may be 

Check Print Manager for 

causing the problem.

stalled print jobs caused by
printer not being ready to
accept data. Delete all stalled
jobs, make sure the printer is 
on-line, and try to print again.
If errors continue, turn off the
Print Manager. 

Cannot print from file 

Printer may not be securely 

Check that the printer is 


connected to the computer.

correctly connected to the
computer and that it is turned
on. If the problem still exists,
follow these steps:

1.  Open the Printers icon,

which is located in the
Control Panel.

2.  Select the Canon BJ-30

printer as the default
printer by double-clicking
on its name.

3.  If the Canon BJ-30 does not

appear as the default
printer, click on the
Connect button.

4.  Make sure the correct port

is selected and choose OK.

5.  Double-click on the Canon

BJ-30 name again.