Paper Loading Problems



Chapter 7

Paper Loading Problems

If you are having paper loading problems, check the problems and
solutions in the following table. After solving a paper loading problem,
remove the paper and load it correctly. Then press the 


button to

set the printer on-line again.

Any of the following paper loading problems may cause the paper to jam
in the printer. See page 116 for complete instructions on how to clear a
paper jam.




Paper does not load into

The sheet feeder may contain Make sure the sheet feeder


too many sheets.

does not contain too much

Paper may not be inserted

Make sure paper is


inserted all the way into 
the sheet feeder.

Single sheets may not be 

When manually loading 

feeding correctly.

paper, be sure to insert a
single sheet of paper all the
way into the sheet feeder. If
the paper is not inserted far
enough, the printer cannot
load it.

Paper is loaded skewed

Paper may not be stacked 

Make sure the stack of paper 

(printing is skewed)

correctly in sheet feeder.

is straight in the sheet feeder. 

Make sure the right side of
the stack of paper is aligned
against the right side of the
sheet feeder and the paper
guide is aligned against the
left side.

Make sure the paper exit
path is clear.