Servicing the Printer

A.M. to 5 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST), except on holidays.

If you seem to have an operational problem, try to solve it by referring 
to the information in Chapter 7, Troubleshooting. If you cannot quickly 
resume normal operation, contact Canon's experienced support 
personnel at the help desk.

Fax number
You can also send comments, suggestions, and technical questions to 
Canon via facsimile. The number for this service is 1-714-438-3317, 
which accesses a G3 fax machine. Be sure to state your question and 
provide a phone number or fax number for a response.

Fax retrieval system
Canon is proud to announce a 24-hour, toll-free fax retrieval system. 
You can use this service to get helpful documents faxed directly to your 
fax machine. These documents contain useful information to assist you 
in the operation of your Canon printer. To access this service, call 1-

Bulletin board services
Canon also provides a bulletin board service (BBS), which is useful for 
obtaining newly developed third-party drivers. Call 1-714-438-3325. 
The protocol for the BBS is up to 14,400 bps, eight data bits, one stop 
bit, and no parity.

If you use CompuServe┬«, you can access the Canon Peripherals Forum. 
This allows you to talk with other users or send a message to Canon. 
Just type GO CANON at any CompuServe prompt.

Customer support for Canadian residents is available at 1-905-795-2083 
from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. EST (except holidays).

In other countries, please contact your Canon dealer.

To order supplies, call 1-800-423-2366

Servicing the Printer

The Canon Bubble Jet Printer BJ-200e is designed with the latest 
technology to provide trouble-free operation. The warranty card that 
limited two-year warranty for its Bubble Jet printers. Be sure to read the 
came with your printer describes Canon's warranty information and 
Printer BJ-200e needs servicing, call the Canon referral save the card. If 
you feel your Bubble Jet service at 1-800-848-4123 to locate the Canon 
Authorized Service Facility (ASF) nearest you.

At the time of this manual's writing, Canon does not offer an extended