Printing Problems

Printing Problems

This section contains problems and solutions related to your printer or 
the software you are using.

Printout is Wrong

If strange characters appear in your output, there may be a 
communications problem between the printer and your computer.

If your printed output does not appear as you expect, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your cable connections are secure.
2. Check that the printer control mode (BJ-10 or Epson LQ) 

matches the printer driver you selected. See Chapter 5, Using the 
Printer With Your Software, for details on selecting a printer 
driver and a printer control mode. 

Characters on Screen Do Not Match Printed Characters

Many graphics characters and special symbols are produced by different 
ASCII codes on each make of computer and printer. Set the correct 
character table and printer control mode with the DIP switches.

If you would like to receive a printout for the character sets available in 
BJ-10 mode and Epson LQ mode, you can use Canon's toll-free fax 
retrieval system. Call the Canon help desk at 1-800-423-2366 and ask 
for the fax retrieval system. Then request the BJ-200e Printer Command 
Summary. This document includes samples of each available character 

Printing Beyond Edge of Page

If the printer is printing only part of each line, follow these steps: 

1. Make sure the paper is aligned correctly in the sheet feeder.
2. Check the software setting for the correct margins.
3. Check the setting of DIP switch 1. This DIP switch controls the 

horizontal print position: 


For letter-size paper, set it to OFF.

NOTE: Make sure your interface cable is no longer that 6.6 feet. Avoid 
using A/B switch boxes or switch boxes that have a total cable length of 
more than 6.6 feet.