Using the Reduction Modes

Select your print mode as follows: 


Use HQ mode for most of your printing needs. The printer 
automatically prints in HQ mode unless you change the mode with 




Use the HS mode when you are printing draft documents. Your 
document will print faster but the print density will be less than in 
HQ mode. HS mode uses half the amount of ink as HQ mode. 


Using the Reduction Modes

The printer supports two reduction modes for printing spreadsheets and 
other wide documents on regular paper. In reduction mode, the printer 
reduces the out put to two-thirds or one-half of its full size.

Two-thirds Reduction Mode

In two-thirds reduction mode, the printer automatically sets the print 
dimensions as follows:

NOTE: The print mode may be overridden by your software 

NOTE: Normally, the default print mode is HQ. If you are in Epson 
LQ mode (DIP switch 11 is ON), and you select the Draft typeface with 
DIP switches 8, 9, and 10, the default print mode will be HS mode. 
(You can learn about DIP switches in Chapter 8, Customizing the 

Top margin:

0.32 inch

Left margin:

0.35 inch

Print width (max.):

7.8 inch