For DOS users For HL 1240 1250 Only

Problem Recommendation
My headers or footers appear
when I view my document on
screen but do not show up
when I print them.
Most laser printers have a restricted area that cannot be printed
on. Usually the first two lines and the last two lines of a page
cannot have print (leaving 62 printable lines).  Adjust the top
and bottom margins in your document to allow for this.
(For connecting using the
RS-232C/422A interface on
HL-1250 Only)
The printer prints the first
couple of pages correctly, then
some pages have text missing.
This is a problem usually relating to serial interface settings.
Your computer is not recognizing the printer’s input buffer full
signal.  This could be caused by incorrect serial cable
(incorrectly wired or too long) or incorrect setting of your
computer serial interface.
For DOS users  (For HL-1240/1250 Only)
Problem Recommendation
The printer prints, but it prints
incorrect information.
Sometimes it prints a couple of
characters and then ejects the
page, etc..
This is an indication that your application printer emulation
setting and the printer’s emulation do not match.  Check in your
application software which printer you have selected to make
sure the printer is set up correctly. Remember the printer
emulate widely used printer selections:  HL-1240 (HP LaserJet
IIP) / HL-1250 (HP LaserJet 6P, Epson FX-850 and IBM
Proprinter XL). Try setting the printer into HP emulation and
then select the HP LaserJet IIP (for HL-1240) or HP LaserJet 6P
(for HL-1250) printer in your application software.