Image defect

Image defect
94 mm
(3.7 in.)
94 mm
(3.7 in.)
White Spots
Printed pages have white spots in
black text and graphics at intervals
of 94 mm (3.7 in.).
94 mm
(3.7 in.)
94 mm
(3.7 in.)
Black Spots
Printed pages have black spots at
intervals of 94 mm (3.7 in.).
If the problem is not solved after printing a few pages, the drum
unit may have glue from label stock on the OPC drum surface.
Clean the drum unit as follows
1. Position the print sample in front of the drum unit, and find 
the exact position of the image defect.
Fig.4-11 Find the exact position of the image defect
2. Turn the drum unit gear by hand while looking at the surface
of the OPC drum.
Fig. 4-12 Turn the drum gear
3. When you have located the mark on the drum that matches
the print sample, wipe the surface of the OPC drum with a
cotton swab until the dust or paper powder on the surface
comes off.
Fig. 4-13 Wipe the surface of the OPC drum