Paper Handling

Paper Handling
First, ensure that you are using paper that meets Brother recommended paper specifications.  
“What kind of paper can I use” in Chapter 1.
The printer does not load
If there is paper in the paper cassette, make sure it is straight. If
the paper is curled, you should straighten it before printing.
Sometimes it is helpful to remove the paper, turn the stack over
and put it back into the paper cassette.
Reduce the amount of paper in the paper cassette, then try again.
Check that manual feed mode is not selected in the printer
The printer does not load paper
from the manual feed slot.
Re-insert the paper firmly, one sheet at a time.
Make sure that manual feed mode is selected in the printer
The printer will not load
The printer can load envelopes from the manual feed slot.  Your
application software must be set up correctly to print on the
envelope size you are using.  This is usually done in the page
setup or document setup menu of your software.  Refer to your
software application manual.
A paper jam has occurred.
Clear the jammed paper referring to “PAPER JAMS and how to
clear them”
 or the paper jam instructional video on the CD-
The printer does not print into
the output tray.
Close the rear cover.
The printer does not print on
the specified paper.
(HL-1250 with optional
Lower Tray Unit Only)
Make sure that the cable is connected to the printer
Make sure that the appropriate printer driver is selected.