How to connect the Serial Interface Cable

How to connect the Serial Interface Cable
This section is only for printer models which have had the serial interface installed.
You need a serial interface cable with an 8-pin, DIN-type connector to connect your
printer and computer.
Consult your dealer for a serial interface cable.
If you are a Macintosh user, you can easily find the necessary cable at a local
computer store.  Look for Apple serial cables labeled as “Macintosh to
” or “Macintosh to Personal LaserWriter
 LS” or the “Apple
System Peripheral 8 Cable”.  Do not purchase a serial cable labeled as “Straight-
through” or “LocalTalk”.
If you are a PC user, you need to purchase a special serial cable from your
dealer. If you have a 9-pin connector on your computer, look for a cable labeled
“IBM AT to ImageWriter II” cable.  If you have a 25-pin connector, look for a
cable labeled “DB25 to ImageWriter II.” These cables most likely would be
found in the Apple Macintosh section at your computer dealer. For more
information about the interface specification, consult your dealer.
You can connect a parallel and a serial interface cable at the same time.  The auto
interface selection function allows you to share the printer with two computers.  To
do this, connect the parallel interface cable and then connect the serial interface
cable as follows: