How to select the RS 422A Apple or RS 232C IBM Serial Interface For HL 1250 Only

How to select the RS-422A (Apple) or RS-232C (IBM) Serial
Interface (For HL-1250 Only)
This section is only for printer models which have had the serial interface installed.
Be sure to select the serial interface type to match your computer as follows:
For Apple Macintosh computers: you should not have to change any settings
because the Apple (RS-422A) setting is factory selected (default).
For IBM compatible PCs you should move the switch to the IBM (RS-232C)
If you are using an Apple Macintosh on the RS-422A port and an IBM
compatible PC on the parallel port, it is not necessary to make any changes to the
switch setting.
If necessary, select the interface type as follows:

Make sure that the printer is in the off-line state.

Select the RS-422A(Apple) or RS-232C(IBM) interface by changing the serial
interface slide switch to the right to select the IBM(RS-232C) interface or to the left
to select the Apple(RS-422A) interface.
Fig. 2-2  Selecting the RS-422A (Apple) or RS-232C (IBM) Serial Interface