The Lower Tray unit For HL 1250 Only

The Lower Tray unit (For HL-1250 Only
The lower tray unit is an optional device that functions as a third paper source.  It
can contain a maximum of 250 sheets of paper (80 g/m
To obtain the optional lower tray unit, please consult the dealer or store where you
purchased the printer.
Fig.  2-1 Loading Paper in the Lower Tray Unit
With the lower tray unit installed, load paper into the lower paper cassette in exactly
the same way as you load paper in the upper paper cassette.
The paper sizes that may be used in the lower paper cassette are not the same for the
upper paper cassette as shown below.
Paper type Available size Weight and capacity
Cut sheet letter, A4, ISO B5, Executive, A5
and legal  (US and Canada Only)
64 to 105 g/m
paper (17 to 28 lb.)
250 sheets
If a paper jam occurs when using the lower tray unit, check for correct installation
of the paper cassette.