How to print on both sides of the paper Manual Duplexing

How to print on both sides of the paper
(Manual Duplexing)
The supplied printer drivers for Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1 and Windows NT 4.0
all enable manual duplex printing.  For more information about how to make the
settings, see the Help text in the printer driver.
Guidelines for printing on both sides of the paper
1  It may cause wrinkling if the paper is too thin.
2  If paper is curled, straighten it and then set it into the paper cassette.
3  The paper type should be regular paper.  Do not use bond paper.
4  When setting paper into the paper cassette, empty the cassette first, then insert
the printed paper only, printed side face up.  (Do not add the printed paper onto
the top of the unprinted paper stack.)
5  If the paper is not feeding correctly, it is possible that the paper is curled, remove
the paper and straighten it.