Remarks, Cut Sheet, Labels Transparencies

It is recommended that you test paper, especially special sizes and types of paper
and heavy paper, on this printer before purchasing large quantities.
Avoid using coated paper, such as vinyl coated paper.
Avoid using preprinted or highly textured paper.
Use a recommended type of paper, especially plain paper and transparencies, for
optimum printing.  For more information on paper specifications, consult your
nearest authorized sales representative or the place you purchased your printer.
If the paper has problems feeding from the paper cassette, use the manual feed slot
and try again.
Use neutral paper.  Do not use acid paper to avoid any damage to the printer drum
Make sure that you have selected the appropriate media type in the printer driver for
optimum printing.
The print quality might be degraded or the life of the drum unit might be shortened
with the following usage.  Using the printer for special print jobs for long periods of
time  (i.e. printing name cards, etc.)
Cut Sheet
We recommend you use long-grained paper for the best print quality.
If you are using short-grained paper, it may be the cause of paper jams.
Labels / Transparencies
Avoid feeding labels with the carrier sheet exposed, or your printer will be
We recommend you use labels or transparencies which are designed for use in laser