t Quick Print Setup

t Quick Print Setup
You can easily make changes to settings which you need to change frequently in
a small selection window on your screen.
t Remote Printer Console Program for DOS
(For HL-1240/1250 Only)
The Remote Printer Console (RPC) utility program is available on the CD-ROM
supplied with your printer. When you operate your computer in a DOS (Disk
Operating System) environment, this program allows you to easily change the
default settings of the printer such as fonts, page setup, and emulations.
This program also provides a status monitor program, which is a Terminate-and-
Stay Resident (TSR) program.  It can monitor the printer status while running in
the background and report the current status or errors on your computer screen.
t Popular Printer Emulation Support (For HL-1240/1250 Only)
These printers support the following popular printer emulation modes.
The HL-1240 supports HP LaserJet IIP (PCL4).
The HL-1250 supports HP LaserJet 6P (PCL6), Epson FX-850 and IBM
Proprinter XL.  When you use DOS application software or Windows version
3.0 or earlier, you can use any of these emulations to operate the printer.  The
printer also supports auto-emulation switching between HP and Epson or HP and
IBM.  If you want to select the printer emulation, you can do it using the Remote
Printer Console Program.
t Printer Status Monitor with Bi-directional Parallel Interface
The printer driver can monitor the status of your printer using bi-directional
parallel communications.  IEEE-1284 bi-directional parallel printer cable is
The printer status monitor program can show the current status of your printer.
When printing, the animated dialog box appears on your computer screen to
show the current printing process.  If an error occurs, a dialog box will appear to
let you know what to correct.  For example: when your printer is out of paper,
the dialog box will display “
No Paper
” and instructions for the proper
corrective action.