Remote Commands

R E M O T E   F A X   O P T I O N S      
9 - 5
Remote Commands
Follow the commands below to access features remotely. When you call your 
machine and enter your Remote Retrieval Access Code (1 5 9  ),  the system 
will signal you with two short beeps to enter a remote command.
Remote Commands
Operation Details
Changing Fax 
/Paging setting
1  OFF
If you hear one long beep, the change is accepted. If you 
hear three short beeps, you cannot change it because the 
conditions have not been met. (Example: registering 
paging number).  You can register your fax forwarding 
number by using 4. FAX FWD NO (See Page 9-6). 
Once you have registered the number, your machine will 
change automatically to FAX FWD:ON mode.
2  Fax Forwarding
3  Paging
4  FAX FWD No.
6  Fax Storage ON
You can set FAX STORAGE to ON or OFF.
7  Fax Storage OFF
Retrieve a fax
2  Retrieve all faxes
Enter the number of a remote fax machine to receive 
stored fax message(s). (See Page 9-6.)
3  Erase fax from the 
If you hear one long beep, you can erase fax message(s) 
from the memory.
Check the Receiving 
1  Fax
You can check whether your machine has received any 
fax message(s).  If yes, you will hear one long beep.  If no, 
you will hear three short beeps.
Change Receive Mode
1  TAD
If you hear one long beep, you can change the Answer 
If you hear three short beeps, you cannot change it.
3  FAX
After a long beep, you can exit remote retrieval.